ManageClean offers add-ons to SAP Business One that expand the breadth and depth of the solution. Aether represents SAP Business One add-ons that are certified by SAP. This means that your add-on undergoes rigorous testing and certification and is proven for the SAP Business One application.

TSheets Time Tracking and Scheduling Software

TSheets is a time tracking and scheduling software perfect for your commercial cleaning businesses operating in a variety of locations at any given time.

TSheets Time Tracking Features

Instead of having your cleaning employees keep track of time on sheets of paper, or spreadsheets – they could be using the time card functionality of TSheets through their phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Mobile time tracking allows for more accuracy of billable hours to a client as well as keeping track of payment to employees. The mobile functionality of TSheets allows employees to clock-in when they have arrived at a job and contains easy to use features to pause time tracking for breaks or interruptions in work. By clocking in to a particular job or shift, it is easier to track the labor cost for particular buildings or customers by knowing exactly who was on site and for how long they were there.

TSheets Scheduling Features

Scheduling cleaning employees across a variety of customer facilities and locations can be challenging. TSheets makes it easy to develop employee schedules, assign jobs and shifts – and share them with employees so everyone is on the same page.

TSheets offers the versatility of creating schedules either by shift or by job all with the same, easy-to-use drag and drop functionality. You can create a calendar of shifts and assign employees on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis or you have the option to create jobs within which you can assign employees. In either case you can instantly notify employees of their assignment through text or email alerts, which can be crucial for any urgent jobs that may arise.

With the available instant notifications of schedule changes, and GPS tracked clock-ins, TSheets offers more accountability and less confusion about assignments. Now employees are notified of shifts in a timely manner and are responsible for clocking in at their assignment through the mobile interface.


TSheets Integration

With ManageClean’s integration to TSheets you can streamline all of your back office accounting and payroll needs.

Some advantages of TSheets integration include:

  • Saving time on payroll

  • Increased accuracy through record keeping, eliminating time entry errors

  • Apply employee costs directly to customer projects

  • Better accountability with GPS tracking of where time entry occurs and cataloging of any changes made in the system to prevent disputes and audits

  • Lower operating costs and a high return on investment

Aether / ManageClean is a TSheets PRO. We’d be happy to arrange a demo, provide pricing, or if you’d like try TSheets free! Just follow this link



Payroll for Commercial Cleaning Companies

Clarity from Paymate Software offers integrated payroll, human resources, time and attendance, and employee self-service for SAP Business One. Clarity is cost-effective, easy to learn and quick to implement – you can be up and running in less than a month!

Human resources

  • Maintains employee info, family and emergency contacts, tracks skills and employment history.

  • Supports employee benefit plan info and calculations.

  • Incident and disciplinary action tracking.


  • Unlimited number of earnings, benefits, deductions, accruals, overtime banking, bonuses, advances and payroll taxes.

  • Job costing functionality and automatic cost allocation.

  • Creation, e-filing and printing of tax forms.

Time and attendance

  • Web-based timesheet and electronic approval.

  • Entering of time by employee or any designated person.

  • Allows for one level of approval before processing.

Employee self service

  • View time off entitlements and request time off.

  • View and print pay stubs and pay history.

  • Manage personal records and emergency contacts.

Integration to cleaning supplies vendor data files

For our commercial cleaning customers who use primary vendors for purchasing cleaning supplies, ManageClean has an integration solution.

It doesn’t matter if your customer supplies are drop-shipped directly to your client’s locations or supplies are shipped to your warehouse for delivery. When your vendor sends a file of your purchased supplies, the integration solution intercepts the file and brings the data into SAP Business One. The system creates a purchase order and processes the order for payment. At the same time, SAP Business One stages customer billing in order to invoice end client for the supplies coded to their project.

This integration eliminates the errors found when manually entering supply orders. It has the added benefit of providing an automated way to update pricing.

The certified add-on that Aether uses for this process is Magic xpi. Aether is a certified partner for Magic xpi and can develop integrations to meet your requirements. View Magic xpi website.

Customer service portals

Web-based portals can be set up to feed information from SAP Business One to your externally based employees and customers. Give your customers and staff the convenience of 24/7 online access to account information through a secure browser based login system.

Built into all our portals is a powerful search functionality to quickly find any data available in your portal. You also get complete flexibility to integrate any data from SAP Business One including user created fields.

Internal portals – for field and regional managers and other externally based staff

  • View customer information and contacts.

  • View order status, payments and credit memos.

External portals – for customers and facility managers

  • View important alerts and announcements.

  • View order status and print order confirmations.

  • View and print open and closed invoices.

  • View payment history and outstanding balances.

  • Send inquiries from the built-in contact page.

Portals are provided by IndyDutch Solutions.

CleanTelligent integration

The CleanTelligent web-based system is used by commercial cleaning customers to enter work orders. When your company is using an accounting-only system like QuickBooks, these work orders must be manually entered.

For our customers with CleanTelligent, ManageClean has an integration solution.