How to Generate Recurring Invoices for Commercial Cleaning Clients

  • SAP Business One
  • Switching to ManageClean

By using recurring invoices for regular cleaning work to clients, you’ll save time, save effort, and improve cash flow.  Recurring invoicing allows you to set up periodic invoices for regularly delivered services to a schedule.  Rather than having to create a new invoice every week, month or quarter depending on the billing cycle, you set it up once then automatically generate them.

Set up the recurring template – The template defines the client, the service, the cost, any subcontractors being used to perform the service. Recurring invoice templat for cleaning clients

Set the frequency – Set the recurrence period for each client, whether they should be billed weekly, biweekly, quarterly or monthly.Recurring periods for invoices to cleaning clients

Create a sales order & make any adjustments – The ManageClean recurring transaction wizard pulls any recurring clients and allows you to select the customers that you’d like to invoice. Recurring transaction wizard for cleaning clients

Create and send the invoice – In ManageClean you can quickly use the Copy To in the sales order to create an A/R invoice.  Or, use the open transactions report to create invoices from open sales orders in bulk.

Quickly copy a sales order to an invoice ManageClean

Why struggle with excessive administration in managing recurring services and generating accurate invoices?  Improve your billings and cash flow with recurring invoices.

For more information on how ManageClean and the built-in processes for commercial cleaning companies, check out our video

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