Top 3 questions on cloud accounting software for commercial cleaning service businesses

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With cloud computing projected to exceed double-digit growth rates (Forbes Roundup Of Cloud Computing Forecasts, 2017) is it time to jump on the bandwagon?  Before you make a decision about cloud accounting software for your commercial cleaning business, take a look at the top questions we’re asked about the ManageClean on SAP Business One solution for the cloud.

Is the solution complete? 

Many commercial cleaning companies operating on QuickBooks find that as their business grows, their software isn’t robust enough to support their growth.  They may want to expand accounting and run financials across multiple locations, they want better inventory management, and the ability to add more users.

Because ManageClean is based on SAP Business One, the solution it delivers what you need to manage your key business areas including accounting and finance, sales and customer management, purchasing and operations, supplies and distribution, reporting and administration. ManageClean focuses on functionality needed within commercial cleaning – it manages recurring invoices, special services invoices and billing for supplies in both a prepaid and chargeback scenario.  It also integrates to workorder systems like CleanTelligent, and with supplies vendors like Pollock Paper.

Is it scalable as I grow?

Private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud – the type of environment in which your software application resides makes a difference to how scalable your solution can be.  In a public cloud, this refers to a multi-tenant environment where cloud resources are pooled among multiple clients.  Private cloud reserves resources specifically for a client’s needs.  Hybrid uses a mix of private cloud and public cloud services.

ManageClean uses a private cloud environment.  We do this so our clients have only their data and application on a server specifically reserved for them.  This also allows for greater flexibility for adding other needed software applications, extensions or integrations to your solution.

Is my data secure?

It is important that your data is isolated and protected by login access by authorized users to protect the confidentiality of your data.  Automatic backups and data redundancy policies also help protect your applications and data from disasters.

The ManageClean solution meets these high standards.  You access your application through an encrypted connection for fast, secure access to your software.

If you want more information about ManageClean on SAP Business One in the cloud – call or email us today.