Exploring Commercial Cleaning Software

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Overworked, frustrated, and buried in spreadsheets seems to sum up the current state of Accounting Managers at commercial cleaning companies that are exploring commercial cleaning software.

“We are working off of Excel, Word and Outlook calendars and it is a real struggle for accounting to keep up with operations,” was told to us recently by a commercial cleaning company located in Texas.  They want to streamline the process flow of information between operations and accounting.  Today everything needs to be re-entered into QuickBooks to manage customer invoicing and subcontractor payments, which takes too much time and causes too many errors.

“Our company runs primarily with subcontractors, with over 250 recurring cleaning contracts we’re using about thirty to forty subcontractors.”  Operations is using Outlook to manage cleaning schedules, so when customer changes happen it is difficult to relate that information in a timely basis to accounting.

While it is important for your company to grow, to add more customers or expand into new locations – if your accounting and backoffice systems that are in place were the ones you put in place when the company was small there are going to be problems.  Is your company using QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets to manage the business?  Are you using subcontractors to perform service work, and struggle to make accurate payments?  Do you have excessive administration in managing changes, supplies and recurring services and generating accurate invoices?  These are the issues that drive managers to look for a better way, a way to make technology help their business grow, and start exploring commercial cleaning software options.

ManageClean on SAP Business One provides visibility into your commercial cleaning business and solves the challenges of accounting when customer invoicing, subcontractor payments and customer changes cause excessive administration.  The software solution approaches the needs of commercial cleaning in two ways:

  1. SAP Business One delivers what you need to manage your key business areas including accounting and finance, sales, customer and facility management, purchasing, supplies and distribution, reporting and administration.
  2. ManageClean streamlines the accounting processes for customer recurring invoicing, generates subcontractor invoices from customer billings, and provides details on which customer jobs are profitable….and which are not.

Overview videos are available through the ManageClean YouTube channel.

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