Software For Commercial Cleaning Companies Using Subcontractors

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How ManageClean controls subcontractor agreements, work orders and payments

When it comes to delivering cleaning services, commercial cleaning companies follow a variety of models. Some companies hire internal employees to do the cleaning services. Some companies use only subcontractors to do the cleaning services. Others use a combination of both internal employees and subcontracted resources. The model you use has an impact on business processes and profitability, and can be more tightly managed with the right business software. What if you could reduce the time to accurately calculate vendor payments?

For companies that use subcontractors, the requirements of their business software include some very specific needs:

Track which subcontractors are assigned to customer facilities. ManageClean is able to track all of your customer facilities through the Projects functionality. Within the Project setup is the ability to apply the subcontract vendor name and rate, so you always have a master record of how each account is handled. Instead of keeping this information in a separate Excel spreadsheet, it is kept within the software so the data can be used across order, invoicing and payment processes.

Manage recurring subcontractor agreements whether paid by the square foot or by the hour.

Every month when you’re ready to prepare sales orders for recurring cleaning services, you use the recurring transactions wizard to turn those transactions into sales orders. To look at the detail on the sales order, you can see the subcontractor vendor code, type and rate that automatically comes in from our project table.

Capture special services work performed by subcontractors. Within ManageClean you can enter in subcontractor special services to customer facilities as sales orders so you can bill customers and pay subcontractors from the same order. These special services can be based on square footage rate, hourly rate, or fixed cost. These would be for services outside of regular recurring work. If you have a workorder system like CleanTelligent, instead of entering the information into ManageClean we can integrate CleanTelligent workorders to feed automatically into ManageClean.

Generate subcontractor purchase orders and payments. Through the click of a button, ManageClean is able to generate subcontractor purchase orders and payments at the same time as customer billings are produced through our Vendor A/P process document generation wizard – saving you time. The purchase order consolidates all the line items for all the customer facilities where a subcontractor did work for you. You can review all the work that subcontractors performed during the month, and pay them more accurately. To pay the subcontractor, you just use the “Copy To” function to create an A/P Invoice which you then can turn into a check you send them. It’s that simple – there is no rekeying of data, and the records are all related.

Generate job cost detail reports by customer facility. Through the job cost detail report, you are able to see by facility the total amount of revenue and cost for all internal services, subcontracted service as well as supplies in one report.

Is your commercial cleaning company, janitorial services business, or building service contractor service using subcontractors to deliver cleaning services to your customers? Contact us to discuss your situation and ManageClean on SAP Business One. Reach out via our Contact Us Form, or email