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When Should You Consider Moving To A Solution Like ManageClean on SAP® Business One?

Making a change in business software is a challenge for any business owner, who feel frustrations with their current systems but are also nervous about when to make a change. We’ve spoken with many executives from commercial cleaning companies who felt the same frustrations, and we found that there are particular struggles that are an indication that the time is right to move to a more advanced business software to help the company grow.

Commercial Cleaning Software Checklist

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, you could be exploring ManageClean on SAP® Business One and use technology to help your company become more efficient.

  1. Are you currently juggling customers and data between QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets?
  2. Is there a steady flow of customer changes: tenants moving in / out or managing the special services performed for each customer?
  3. Are you considering hiring additional administrative resources to run your current process and systems?
  4. Does your accounting staff have excessive, time consuming processes for generating customer and vendor invoices?
  5. Are there accounting errors in invoicing customers for the correct amount, based on all the changes and their specific agreement?
  6. Do you use subcontractors to perform service work, and have differences in what you think you should pay them versus what they think they are owed?
  7. Is it difficult to accurately bill customers for supplies? Or to accurately track supplies used against a prepaid supplies budget?
  8. Do you know which customers are profitable or unprofitable on a facility by facility level?

ManageClean on SAP® Business One is a powerful business software system designed for commercial cleaning, janitorial services and building service contractors that can be deployed in the cloud, or on a server at your facility.

At the core of ManageClean is the power of SAP® Business One. SAP® Business One is a single, integrated software solution that automates key business areas including accounting and finance, sales and customer management, purchasing and operations, supplies and distribution, reporting and administration. The team at Aether Consulting has configured SAP® Business One to take advantage of the built-in modules and processes for:

  • Managing project setup by customer and facility
  • Managing recurring sales orders and invoices for facility cleaning services
  • Managing sales orders and invoices for special services like carpet cleaning, deep cleaning services, etc.
  • Managing vendor contracts and invoicing for businesses that use third-party cleaning contractors to perform service work
  • Managing supplies purchasing and invoicing in either prepaid or chargeback scenarios

To talk further about pricing and cloud hosting of ManageClean on SAP® Business One, reach out via our Contact Us Form, or email

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