Cloud vs. On Premise Software Solutions For Commercial Cleaning Companies

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Explaining How Cloud and On Premise Deployments Work

ManageClean on SAP® Business One can be deployed either in the cloud, or on premise. This is a choice each commercial cleaning business can make on their own, depending on their needs and requirements. A number of factors can go into the decision of deciding whether cloud or on premise is right for you.

Cloud Deployed Business Software for Commercial Cleaning

ManageClean can be deployed in the cloud, meaning you install the software with a private cloud hosting provider. We use, a full cloud service orchestration on Amazon Web Services. With you can deploy ManageClean to the cloud and enjoy all the native advantages of this environment such as scalability, elasticity, high availability, CAPEX reduction and flexible licensing. There is no burden of managing or even acquiring a single piece of equipment. is based on the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model and you pay for the number of users that access the system.

The users access the application in the cloud from any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, iOS and Android) using just a modern browser. ManageClean runs completely on the datacenter and the users just receive the software graphical interface. With a 30Kbps bandwidth per session, the user perception is as good as a local software installation.

Cloud Benefits:

  • Eliminate the cost of maintenance and support of your hardware infrastructure.
  • Reduce support times on your software. Any maintenance can be performed on a single instance and be further propagated to new replicas.
  • Extended reach. From any internet connection you can access your application in the cloud. Even a 3G mobile access offers enough bandwidth for a reasonable use of the system.

On Premise Deployed Business Software for Commercial Cleaning

ManageClean can also be deployed on premise. This means you install the software on a server that is located in your facility. The server hardware and platforms should meet the requirements of SAP Business One. In general, a Microsoft® Windows Server version 2008 or higher, Standard or Enterprise Edition. The operating system should be Microsoft® Windows 7 or higher. SAP Business One also requires a database platform of Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 or higher; Express, Workgroup, Standard or Enterprise Edition.

On Premise Benefits:

  • Control your own environment, and perform updates on your own schedule.
  • Users can access the system via Remote Desktop or through Direct Connection, they can be users accessing the software from your facility or remotely
  • Fixed price, capital expense for equipment rather than ongoing costs.

Which is Right For You?

With ManageClean you can also move back and forth between cloud hosting and on premise when you’re ready make a transition. Say you want to run your software on premise today, but move to the cloud in the next three to five years, it is a simple procedure for us to move your software database to the cloud. Or if you want to start in the cloud and move to on premise, that is possible as well.

Is cloud or on premise software deployment the better choice for your commercial cleaning company, janitorial services business, or building service contractor? Contact us to discuss your situation and ManageClean on SAP Business One. Reach out via our Contact Us Form, or email